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Pay Per Post vs Paid Forum Posting

Pay Per Post vs Paid Forum Posting

How to Use Paid Forum Posting with Quality Posts

When choosing to pay for content using the Quality Posts system, you can gain content from all the users who are using the system (regardless on whether they are Paid Posters or Post Exchangers). The White-list option provided by Quality Posts allows you to select individual users (you can decide if you prefer to select Paid Posters and/or Post Exchangers).

Quality Posts gives forum administrators the opportunity to purchase Quality Points. Your Quality Points will attract Quality Posters (Paid Posters and Post Exchangers) who can create content on your forum. The posters will gain points in return for their posts and will either use these points to attract other Quality Posters to their forum, or convert these points into money in the case of Paid Posters. Only the highest quality Posters are selected to open a Paid Poster account on Quality Posts.

What is Pay Per Post?

Paid Posting or Pay Per Post is the process of paying money with the intent of gaining content. Paid for Posting is a system that is commonly found with new forums, new blogs, and new social networks. A Pay Per Post system is one where each and every post is consider to be worth a set amount of money regardless of the quality

Is it Worth Using a Pay Per Post System and Paying For Forum Posters Anywhere Else?

It can be very difficult to find Paid Forum Posters who provide content which is at the same time of a satisfactory quality, large in volume, related to your forum's subject, and fared at a reasonable price. If you're not using the Quality Posts system for your Paid Forum Posting, but you are using paying for content using another service, it's more often the case that this paid service uses a Pay Per Post system. Posts created using a Pay-Per-Post system are often of very low quality: they are usually short; they do not necessarily follow the thread of conversation, or they simply answer the thread title with limited pertinence. These short and seemingly spam-like posts are not only unhelpful to forum members; they hinder any Search Engine Optimization work done for a given thread. Search engines look for high quality posts of sufficient size which also offer quality content by providing relevant information to a given thread. Paying a forum poster to create small irrelevant posts means that you risk lowering the amount of content created per page, and thus reducing the chances of that page acting as link bait. If you decide to pay for posts, we recommend using the Quality Posts system to ensure Paid for Posts achieve quality and content size standards, and avoid Pay Per Post systems which do not take quality into account.

Is It Worth Paying More for Higher Quality Posts?

In the event where your forum is just a test forum, or if you do not wish your forum to be found on search engines, or if you do not care about your forum's content acting as link bait, or if it does not matter if your forum looks like it's filled with spam-like posts, then the answer is no. It is not worth paying for high quality posts if you do not need them. If you do not need high quality posts, you may as well pay as little as you like for low-quality posts using other service. Quality Posts provides a mechanism to audit posts and thus guarantees high-quality posts, and as such Quality Posts is not the cheapest Paid for Posting option available. However, Quality Posts does offer a free Forum Posts Exchange method for those who cannot afford the Paid for Posting option. Both options are compatible and highly flexible, so even while you're using the Paid for Posts option, it's always possible to top your account up with Quality Points by Post Exchanging. There are many Pay For Posting sites which offer a cheap service, but since the quality is so low, they make you wonder if it's worth paying for posts at all. We all know that you get what you pay for, and if you're paying less than $0.10 per post then you can only expect the quality of these posts to be worth about $0.10 per post. With Quality Posts, each post is evaluated separately, which means that the price you pay for each post is directly related to its quality (as judged by you).

> High quality paid posts attract more users
> High quality paid posts are more likely to provide link bait
> High quality paid posts increase the scope for discussion
> High quality paid posts are likely to provide a greater volume of content
> The large content found in higher quality paid posts means that search engines will have more material to index

Higher quality paid posts can not only initiate more discussions, but they can also act as short articles, which brings in a large amount of organic traffic.


Five Reasons To Avoid Pay Per Post From Low Quality Services

Other Forum Pay-Per-Post Services Can Kill Thread Conversations

1) If you use the basic Pay-Per-Post service offered by most sites, you'll simply be paying a poster to get the job done, but this poster will have no reason to care about quality and is very likely to provide low quality posts. Such low quality posts can break the flow of discussion of a thread, and effectively decreasing the amount of discussion on your forum. Many Paid Posters believe they are paid solely for posting and creating activity on a forum, regardless of the quality of their posts, whereas Quality Posters know that they will be paid according to the quality of each post.

Low-quality Paid for Posts Tend To Lower The Possible Content Per Page

2) If you use a Pay-Per-Post service, there is a good chance that your posters will try to create as many posts as they can with as little effort as possible. These posts often offer little or no content. Furthermore, since these low-quality posts take up slots in the thread, they reduce the amount of content available for a given page. Since it's likely that the first page of the thread will be the first indexed page, you really don't want poor quality paid posters placing small insignificant posts on this page, hence ruining the amount page content and lowering the Search Engine Page Ratings (SERPs) for the given page.

Pay Per Post Services - Know What You Are Paying For

3) Many Paid For Post Services will ask for money upfront, and offer no guarantee that the money will be refunded if the quality is not as high as you would have expected. Using Quality Posts, not only will you be provided with a free sample of posts when you register, but you will also benefit from a Post Exchange tool allowing you to check the quality provided by the various Quality Posters.

Pay Per Post Services May Not Have The Required Experts For Your Forum

4) Some Pay-For-Post services only offer a limited number of posters. This small group of paid posters may have a limited area of expertise (if they do offer any expertise at all). Although they may tell you that they can cover the niche area of your forum topic, it's quite likely that this isn't the case at all. Paying for posts from posters who know little or nothing about your forum subject is not only a waste of money, but you may end up spending time deleting many of the unprofessional posts that you paid for. Quality Posts allows the pool of Quality Posters to select any forum they wish to post on. Given the choice open to them, the Quality Posters are more likely to post on a subject where they are knowledgeable, in order to gain a maximum amount of points. It's far more likely you'll find the expert you need when paying for forum post at Quality Posts.

Other Pay Per Posts Service Only Offer a 'One Poster At A Time' Formula

5) Since other Pay Per Post Services tend to have limited ressources, it's quite likely you'll be paying for repeated posts from one poster. By using the Quality Posts system, you will open your forum to a large pool of Forum posters.

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