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Post Submitted On: March 26, 2010, 9:26 pm
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Forum Posting Service

Forum Posting Service or Forum Posting Agency?

Is Quality Posts a Forum Posting Service?

Quality Posts is more than just a Forum Posting Service, we do not just offer the opportunity for forum owners to contact Paid Posters, but we also offer a mechanism for forum owners to contact Post Exchangers. Forum Posting Services often act as an unnecessary in-between. Forum Posting Services can also act as a front for a limited number of Posters. Whereas Quality Posts does everything it can to allow Forum administrators and Posters to communicate, and offers large pool of Quality Posters.

What are Forum Posting Services / Forum Posting Agencies?

Forum Posting Agencies or Forum Posting Services are often one of two types of service. Forum Posting Services can be a front for a group of individuals, or an individual, offering their paid services as a Forum Poster. Forum Posting Services can also act as an agency, allowing you to contact a forum poster and charging either contact fees, or a commission on the work required. Quality Posts is neither of these.

Forum Posting Services That Act as a Front for Forum Posters

If you use a Forum Posting Service that is little more than a group of posters, you are never assured of the quality of their service. There is no guarantee that the Services you paid for from the Forum Posting Service offers the quality of posts that you expect from the forum posters.

Forum Posting Services That Act as Agencies on Behalf of Forum Posters

If you use a Forum Posting Service that is acting as an agency, you are needlessly paying for a third party middle man. Although it is more likely there will be a vetting process to assure the quality of posts that the Forum administrator, you're not ensured of the competency of the agency and that their choice for your forum will be appropriate.

What Services Can A Forum Posting Service Offer You?

The services that a forum posting service can offer can have a varied range. Some of the things a forum posting service may offer you are: Quality Content, Activity and Link Building. Quality Posts does not offer a link building service, and does not try to fake activity. The Posts that you receive through Quality Posts intend to improve the quality of the content in your forum, increase link bait and increase the organic traffic to your forum. Once you have a forum filled with high quality content, natural links and activity will inevitably follow.

i) Forum Posting Services That Offer Activity:

Some services simply provide a small group of users to make you forum feel active. These forum posting service do this by providing multiple accounts (sometimes accounts are created by the same user), in which these accounts submit small low quality posts in multiple threads. This gives a general feeling that your forum is not inactive and should promote further discussions. However, without the quality content on your forum to begin with, it's unlikely that there will be any users available from organic search engine traffic. Before you pay for a forum posting service to make your site feel more active, ensure you already have sufficient link bait and the organic traffic to your site.

ii) Forum Posting Services That Offer Quality Content:

These Forum Posting Services are the services that are likely to have a longer lasting affect for your forum. It's worth paying more for quality when it improves search engine traffic to your forum. Quality content should not only be legible, enjoyable, interesting and new, but the poster should also take the search engines into consideration. High quality content isn't just link bait, but it can also act as optimised pages for relevant or tail off phrases. High quality optimised content does not need as many inbound links to increase your SERP results.

* A high quality post will have an eye catching title, which contains frequently searched keywords / phrases for your niche subject
* A high quality post will be of sufficient size, offering the search engine and users sufficient content to read / crawl.
* A high quality post will contain phrases and synonyms of those phases within the content of the post that are frequently searched keywords / phrases for your niche subject
* A high quality post will be captivating and offer the users something to debate.
* A high quality post will be relevant and grammatically correct.

- There are very few posting services that offer this sort of quality content. However, using the Quality Posts system, it's up to the forum owner to judge and guide the posters to create the content in the way that they want. Using the Quality Posts system, it possible guide poster to create content that satisfies all of the above points, some experienced Quality Posters will already be doing this.

iii) Link Building Forum Posting Services:

If you use Forum Posting Service to build links, you're paying for a black hat method of building links. This is not advisable, building links in this way is not moral, and you will eventually find that all of the links that you've paid for become devalued. Quality Posts is not a link building service! Quality Posts provides a mechanism to create quality content for your forum, there are no avenues for link building, and we do not intend there to be in the future.

Why use Quality Posts over Forum Posting Services

1. You Are Not Stuck With The Forum Poster Assigned To You

If you use a Forum Posting Service that selects a poster for you, you can often end up paying for low quality posts from a poster you don't appreciate. Using the Quality Posts system, if you find any of the posters not living up to your expectations, you can either comment on their posts to give them guidance, send a private message to them through quality posts, or simply add them to your Black List. Using the Black list options allows forum owners to prevent any further posts being submitted for a given user through the Quality Posts system.

2. You Are Offered A Pool Of Forum Posters, Not Just One Selected For You

Many Forum Posting Service only have a limited number of posters, and can only offer a small number of posters to post on your forum at any one time. even then they only offer to. Using the quality posts system, you not only gain content from posters that you've contacted, but any Forum Posters or Post Exchangers can gain point and thus post content on your forum. Your given the opportunity to allow certain groups at your discretion

3. No Agency Fees

When you add your forum to quality Posts, there are no Registration Fees. Posting service often require you to pay money up front before you've even gained content. Using the Quality Posts system, we not only allow you to register free, we not only offer you a free system of Post Exchange, but we also offer free points when you register, so you can start gaining content as soon as you've activated your forum!

4. Unbiased Opinion

Forum Posting Services can be very biased about the services they offer. It's often the case that those representing the Forum Posting Services are in fact the posters their selves. This makes their opinion of what they can offer, and the quality at which they can offer it, extremely biased. However, if you use the Quality Posts system, you can not only talk to individual posters, but you can view their un-biased statistics and ask for examples through the system. You can not only be satisfied that this is the posters own original content, but that the statistics of the poster are represent by other forum owners and not statistics that they have made up their selves.

5. Quality Content That Considers Search Engines

If you use a Forum Posting Service, they will often tell you that their posters offer Quality Content, but this is not often the case. Using the Quality Posts system not only will you find the posters are already submitting niece relevant, large volumes of high quality content. But the content will be optimised for search engines, and you get to decided what quality really means to your forum. Using the Quality Posts system you are given the options to grade the content, and optionally offer advice on what you would like the poster to submit in the future.

Posted By: Mike22

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June 6, 2010, 1:59 pm
The information listed on this page is systematically arranged to ease the entire process of getting registered and getting started. This is a big help for forum posters like me who have just started at this resource.