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Post Submitted On: March 11, 2010, 1:05 pm
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Forum Post Exchange

Four Reasons to Post Exchange on Your Forum

How to Exchange Forum Posts Using Quality Posts

Quality Posts offers the opportunity for forum owners to trade / exchange posts with each other. This opens up the Quality Posts system to forum owners who only wish to exchange posts with other forum owners without paying money. Exchanging posts within Quality Posts also benefits all forums owners by fairly rating each post that goes through the Quality Posts system.

What is a Forum Post Exchange?

Post Trading or Post Exchanging is the process of exchanging posts with the purpose of gaining content in return. Post Exchange is a system found commonly on forums, blogs, and social networks. More often than not, the system is informal and fairness is difficult to maintain. Often Post Exchangers receive content from other Post Exchangers that is both poor and unequal in size. It can also be difficult to obtain posts about niche subjects, and often post exchanging can require an expert opinion.


Four Reasons to Post Exchange on Your Forum

Why Exchange Forum Posts?

Post Exchange to Build Unique Content:

The most common scenario for Post Exchange is when a forum Admin wishes to exchange posts because their forum is new or empty. If you have ever tried creating a forum by yourself without any other users, you will quickly find that it is not very easy to do.

Post Exchange to Gain Alternative Opinions:

Often Forum Administrators will exchange/trade posts simply to gain another perspective. Seeding a forum with your own thoughts and content is obviously biased. It's not very easy to join in a conversation when the forum is seeded with one-sided opinions. Post Exchanging can bring in alternative opinions to create a strengthened forum thread that is more open to other opinions.

Post Exchange to Gain Expert Opinions and Answer Open Questions:

With the right selection of posters, you'll often find an expert in the niche area of your forum. It's quite possible that there are open questions on your forum which no one has yet answered. Exchanging posts with Posters who are experts in this field can be advantageous when you want the right answer for your users.

Post Exchange to create new Questions:

If you've just created a forum, it's quite likely that you're an expert in this area. However, answering questions that you have created either as yourself or under fake forum IDs can not only feel a bit crazy, but it also looks incredibly fake. You can ask posters to exchange posts with you and ask any questions that they may have. You might also wish to give hints to the sort of questions that you would like. Bringing in forum posters to exchange posts in this way can create real personalities on the forum, feel more genuine, and leave you still feeling as sane as when you started the forum.

Ten Reasons to Use Quality Posts to Exchange Posts

1. Exchanging Posts with a Pool of Forums Owners

With Quality Posts, you aren't just trading posts with one forum. You're exchange posts with a pool of forum owners. Each and every forum owner may have a different perspective and bring something new to the conversation.

2. Quality Posts May Provide Experts to Exchange Posts With

Since Posters can exchange post on any forum within the Quality Posts system to gain points, it's very likely posters will stick to the forums they know the most about. This method brings in Posters to your forums who wish to exchange content, and often have a strong or expert opinion in your niche subject.

3. Post Exchange is Fairly Audited

Since Quality Posts offers a rating system, where posts can be awarded points / stars by the forum owner, it's fair to all forum Administrators. Quality Posts offers a quick and simple solution to auditing posts. The posts being exchanged are automatically granted an initial predicted number of stars based on the content size. If the forum administrator chooses to retain the number of stars / points awarded to the posts, the posts will be automatically accepted within 4 days of submission.

4. Optionally Commenting on Exchanged Posts

As well as providing a platform for posts exchange and a system to award stars / points to each post, Quality Posts also gives forum owners the opportunity to comment on any posts that goes through the system. This is the perfect occasion for a forum administrator to give pointers as to what they expect from the Post Exchange. Each post can have an additional comment allowing the Forum Poster to know why they were given a high or low number of points, providing opportunity to improve on their Post Exchange technique and increase their ratings as they exchange more posts through Quality Posts.

5. Point of Contact for Forum Owners

Forum administrators are often bombarded with spam related to their forum. However, on registering with Quality Posts, each forum owner provides an email address to contact them. This email address is never exposed to potential spammers, but messages exchanged through Quality Posts are sent directly to their Quality Posts contact email. This means it's possible to contact the forum Administrators about Posts Exchanges without having to contact them through their forum

6. White Listing and Black Listing Posters

During a Post Exchange life cycle, it's quite possible you'll meet posters who excel at exchanging content with your forum, while other posters may not necessarily match your expectations. Quality Posts offers a simple solution to keep your Post Exchange experience optimum. If you decide to use the Black list option, all posters will become White Listed and can post on your forum unless you explicitly add them to the Black List. Black Listed Posters trying to submit content to your forum through the Quality Posts system will be prevented and will receive a message letting them know they are now black listed on your forum. If, on the other hand, you decide to use the White List options, all posters will become Black Listed unless you explicitly add them to your White List

7. Post Exchange Audited History

Disputes are easier to solve when posts are saved in an audit history. Quality Posts saves the unique content which is submitted through the system, and creates a reference link to the original content,as well as a reference link to the processed post (once the points and comments are added). If a dispute relating to exchanged posts arises after the original content has been deleted from the forum, the post will still remain in the Quality Posts system and can be referred to for future reference.

8. Flexibility of use (Post Exchange and Paid Content)

Thanks to the Quality Posts system, it is easy to switch between paying for the content posted on your forum, and exchanging posts, any time you want. Since trading posts through Quality Posts is based on a points system, you can continue buying content from the same users you originally exchanged posts with, and simply pay for points instead of exchanging posts to gain your points. So if ever you need to top up your points, and don't have time to post on other forums, you can buy your points at a click of a button. And it's just as easy to change from paying for content to Post Exchange whenever you want.

9. Exchange Content That is a Significant Size and On Topic

Often exchanging posts with other forums can been frustrating and time consuming, particularly when the other poster offer low quality irrelevant posts with little content. Quality Posts offers a solution to this problem. Since there is a minimum size of content required before the poster can gain any points for their post, posters are thus encouraged to submit content of a significant size if they wish to gain points through Quality Posts. And in the case where the content size is significant, but the quality of the posts is not high enough, it's also possible for the forum administrator to lower the stars/points given for each and every post. This ensures that the majority of posts exchanged through the system will have a large content size, and a quality that meets the forum administrators' expectations.

10. Effortless Automated System for Exchanging Posts

If you are a forum administrator who has little or no time to review posts, you can leave it up to the automated system to review the posts for you. In order to Exchange Posts via the Quality Posts system, the only thing you need to do is to create posts on other forums, and submit them through Quality Posts. Other forum owners will find your forum automatically. Posts submitted to your forum via Quality Posts will be automatically reviewed by the system after 4 days if you decide so or if you do not have the time to review them yourself. There's no need for micro management, the option is there for you if you wish to use it. There's no need to contact other forum owners whom you might wish to exchange posts with, but this option is also there if you want it. Quality Posts was created to make exchanging high quality forum posts effortless and fair; the rest is in your hands!

Posted By: Mike22

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April 29, 2010, 9:14 pm
I am looking for a post exchange with my software testing forum.If any one knows about it & is interested let me know
April 30, 2010, 11:03 pm
Given the post topic, is it a post exchange you want? if so you can post exchange with me, or all of us using the Quality Posts system.
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